To a person with a dream that is feeling uninspired

You need to change your lifestyle if you are feeling constantly uninspired.

Moving to a new place will not do it for you, you can not escape yourself, and it all starts with you.

Although, changing your surroundings could encourage you to surround yourself with different people.

You’ve got to surround yourself with people who you can look up too, people you would like to be like; as in lifestyle, ethics, healthy living, etc..

You have got to surround yourself with people who want to listen, ones that appreciate what you’ve got to say.

You wont only shine more and be more notable around these people, but you’ll have a much stronger impact on others.

If you inspire an idiot,  all you’ve got is an inspired idiot.  Inspiration fades, you’ve got to spark a curiosity in them, a flame.

Do not always just wait and let people come searching for help, input, or guidance. Sometimes you’ve got to go to them.

Do not be afraid to speak, do not take others as intimidating. Intimidation is just a simple act, anyone can do it.

Have faith in what you are passionate about,

because most times its not that people don’t want to listen, it’s just that they haven’t heard you yet.


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